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BIPOC, Heritage, Lifestyle / September 20, 2022

As an Afro-Latino born in the Dominican Republic, I feel a strong connection to both my Spanish and African heritage. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic until I was ten years old. My family immigrated to the United States in the late 80s, where I was raised in the small immigrant town of Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Diversity Equity Inclusion, Employment, Workplace / August 27, 2022

Much time has been spent debating the most recent workplace trends, such as work from home, work-life balance, quiet quitting, and who can forget of diversity, equity, and inclusion. But have you ever heard of work surveillance?

BIPOC, Creative, Diversity Equity Inclusion, Employment, Mentoring / August 27, 2022

I was rejected by a mentor once. I was stuck in my career and desperately looking for guidance. During my one-on-one with my director (someone whom I highly respected and still do), I asked if he would consider mentoring me. I remember saying

BIPOC, Creative, Diversity Equity Inclusion, Employment / July 10, 2022

Throughout my career, I’ve often been the only person of color on my team, department, and, on occasion, within the entire company. I sometimes wondered, as I’m sure other BIPOC individuals do, if I was actually hired for my talent or was just another token hire

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